What We Do

Take a look at some of our services.

Brand Identity

More than making a logo to represent your organization, a brand mark is the icon that in a split second captures the imagination of your prospects, clients and staff. It is the core of your organization’s DNA and thus requires much more than a good graphic designer. We bring market analysis, copywriting and expert design together to create your ultimate icon of success.

  • Brand Plan
  • Logo Design
  • Niche Discovery
  • Campaign Design

Raving Fans Relations

Beyond creating a social or email marketing campaign, Hardage believes in creating a cohesive strategy to stay engaged with your Raving Fans. We merge and manage your social marketing and email marketing with your inbound marketing activities to stay engaged and relevant with clients and prospects. Word of mouth advertising has been the most effective way to grow brands since man sold the first wheel. We will design and execute a creative conversation with your raving fans that makes them your full time brand ambassadors.

  • Analitics Management
  • Database Integration
  • Social Status Management
  • Social Media Storyboarding

Experience Marketing

Hardage knows that there is life in the real world. From our very first client in 1993 we have provided print promotional and apparel products as well as trade show displays and more recently vehicle wraps. Branding that moves Youtm is more than our tag line, it is our core purpose. Creating a great campaign that uses these life sized elements places your brand where it belongs. in the lives of your audience. Discover how we can bring your brand to life.

  • Live Events
  • Event Models
  • Print Colateral
  • Printed Apparel
  • Vehicle Wraps

Digital Dominance

This is way beyond social marketing, email marketing and having a pretty web site with a bunch of tags and keywords. We are talking about total Digital Dominance. We create a digital strategy with our clients to manage a results oriented campaign to generate leads that actually convert into sales. It all starts by beginning with the end in mind and creating a site that is easily kept current and relevant and consistent with all of the branding activities the organization is actively using.

  • Social Media
  • SEO Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Web Campaigns

New Media

Hardage Brand Solutions brings the best talent in video, audio and digital arts to the table so that we can create market share winning messages to your audience. Video is becoming a vital part in emerging business, in sales presentations, on Youtube or Vemeo Channels or in new custom online channels. We partner with only the best professionals from each industry instead of having a heavy in-house staff in each field we are able to give you more bang for the buck while still ensuring your brand is consistently managed.

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Video Producing
  • Web Development